Snowbirds Flock to South Carolina

North Myrtle Beach condosThere is a quick fix for parkas, snow blowers, and minus zero temperatures — the beaches of South Carolina. The winter weather forecast gets more and more difficult to handle for those up North. That is why it’s no surprise to see the annual migration of snowbirds — people who relocate south before the snow arrives up north — flocking to South Carolina and staying in our North Myrtle Beach condos, once the Christmas holidays are over.

Attracted by miles of sugar white beach and temperatures averaging in the 60s, thousands of people make their southbound pilgrimage to the Coastal Carolina’s from January to March each year.

An added benefit of heading to the beach in the winter is being able to stay in North Myrtle Beach condos at a substantially reduced rate. Winter monthly rates are generally about what summer beach-goers will pay for a one week stay.

North Myrtle Beach condosIn addition to the temperate climate, snowbirds are attracted to Myrtle Beach because of a common bond with the others who have temporarily left their families and everyday surroundings. Many people become acquainted with the area after talking with friends that have visited here  previously. But, there are many others to come to be able to play golf year round.

The snowbirds may come down to the South Carolina coast to get away from blinding blizzards and treacherous ice storms but, before they leave for home, they have made lasting friendships and had a positive impact on the area. A combination of the two explains why so many of them return year after year. It is because their North Myrtle Beach condos has truly become a home away from home.

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