Vacationing With Baby

This is an excellent time of year to be vacationing with baby in tow. Before the beaches are crowded and the heat of summer settles in, come enjoy what coastal South Carolina has to offer.

North Myrtle Beach condo rentalsRemember these tips when bringing a baby on vacation with you. You’ll discover that some North Myrtle Beach condo rentals are more suitable to a family with a baby than others so take your time and look around.

1.    Plan wisely. If you’re flying to the area try to schedule your flights during your baby’s normal napping time.
2.    Stay on schedule. As closely as you can, maintain the schedule you have at home while you’re on vacation.
3.    Ask before reserving. Do the North Myrtle Beach condo rentals provide sleeping arrangements for babies? Don’t forget to ask about car seats from the car rental agency.
North Myrtle Beach condo rentals4.    Be calm. Don’t stress out getting ready for your trip because the baby will sense that and be on edge.
5.    Plan to do less. With babies the rule is “Less is More.” Don’t over stimulate the baby. Make sure they take naps in quiet and comfortable surroundings as much as possible.
6.    Use sunscreen abundantly. Keep babies out of the midday sun. Wear hats and light weight clothing. Use beach umbrellas or tents. Apply sunscreen to any areas of skin showing.

When you’re planning a vacation with a baby in tow and want to talk with someone about North Myrtle Beach condo rentals give us a call at Grand Strand Resorts. We’d love to show you what we have.

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