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Free Parking In North Myrtle Beach

The city of North Myrtle Beach offers free parking to visitors! Use the map below to find your free parking close to your beach hotel or condo rental.


When you're staying in the North Myrtle Beach area, you may find yourself seeking free parking options when you're out exploring all the activities in the area. Depending on the location of your condo rental, you'll likely be driving to some of the local dining establishments, beach access points, or to some of the other fun activities available in the area. There are plenty of free parking spaces available if you know where to look for them. This map can help you find free parking while you're visiting the beautiful city of North Myrtle Beach. 

Using The Map 

This map has been designed to show you the different areas around the city that offer free parking. No one wants to pay for metered parking if there are other options available. The interactive map allows you to zoom in or out to find parking spots near the area in which you're traveling. Each "P" on the map represents a lot with free parking spaces. You can click on the icon in the area in which you're interested to get more information on that specific parking lot. The map also has the option to open it in Google Maps which will allow you to input your vacation rental address so that you can get exact directions to the parking lot. 

Making The Most Of The Interactive Map 

Using the zoom features will allow you to find attractions, restaurants, and beach access points near each of the listed free parking areas. Once you click on the desired "P" icon, you can read information on the lot that will tell you how many spaces are there. The icon will also tell you about handicapped parking availability and if the lot has parking spaces for golf carts. Some parking lots that are found near public beach access areas will also have showers and restrooms. 

Beach Access Parking Lots

If your vacation rental isn't beachfront or within walking distance of the ocean, you'll want to have information on the closest free parking for beach access. The parking areas are broken up into sections based on the following beach areas: Cherry Grove, Ocean Drive, Crescent Beach, and Windy Hill.

You can use the map to find the one nearest your vacation rental so you always have convenient access to the beautiful beaches in North Myrtle Beach. The map will tell you which parking lots have handicapped friendly ramps for easy beach accessibility. 


If you're unfamiliar with the area, it may seem overwhelming to find North Myrtle Beach free parking. This user-friendly parking guide has been designed to help visitors find parking near beach access, activities, and other places of interest. We understand that many condo rentals may require some driving to get to your desired destinations. Not being able to find a free parking space should never hold you back from fully enjoying your North Myrtle Beach vacation!


 Map source/credit: https://www.explorenorthmyrtlebeach.com/free-beach-parking/