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North Myrtle Beach Golf Cart Rentals


There are several recreational activities that both local and guests engage in whenever they visit North Myrtle Beach. However, playing golf is the most popular recreational activity. This has encouraged many companies to venture into the business of renting out golf carts to interested clients. Easy travel from your vacation rental condo or rental home to local shops & the beach is easier with a golf cart. 

This article provides a comprehensive review of four companies that are renowned for reliability, professionalism as well as prompt delivery!  


The Best North Myrtle Beach Golf Cart Rentals


1. A-JAX Golf-Cart Rentals


A-JAX Golf-Cart Rentals is a renowned company that offers golf carts for hire to lovers of golf who visit South Carolina’s North Myrtle Beach. 


The company has been providing reliable services since 2008 and is now renowned for ably meeting clients’ needs. It offers a wide range of options to fulfill clients’ different tastes and preferences.


Apart from serving clients in North Myrtle Beach, the company also offers golf carts for hire in other parts of the expansive South Carolina Coast, such as Cherry Grove, Folly Beach, Kingstone Plantation, DeBordieu, Myrtle Beach, Pawleys Island, Surfside Beach, Litchfield Beach and Garden City as well.


If you decide to go for vacation in South Carolina’s North Myrtle Beach, you ought to consider getting in touch with A-JAX Golf Cart Rentals. Their number is 843 421 1006.


2. Myrtle Beach Golf- Carts LLC-Rentals


Myrtle Beach Golf- Cart LLC-Rentals offers an exceptional fleet of golf carts for reliable transportation.  


If you are a visitor to North Myrtle Beach, you can hire a cart for a whole month, a whole week, a day or an hour. The choice of how long you want to use the cart is entirely yours. Additionally, delivery and pickup is absolutely free, so you won’t have to worry about that.


The company offers exceptional rates that can’t be compared with rates offered by other golf cart rentals in South Carolina.


Since Myrtle Beach Golf- Carts LLC-Rentals accepts nearly all the major credit cards, you’ll find it extremely easy to place your order online.


3. Ace Golf Cart


Are you looking for an outstanding golf cart rental in South Carolina’s North Myrtle Beach? Look no farther. Ace Golf Cart is the number 1 choice for most golf enthusiasts who choose to go for vacation in North Myrtle Beach.


It’s strategically located along 3809 Highway, 17-S., North Myrtle Beach, just a block away from N. Myrtle Beach’s Harley Division and adjacent to Zaxbys.


Ace Golf Cart has a wide range of golf carts available for hire. They include: mild and wild, 6-passenger and 4-passenger, lowdown and lifted as well as electric and gas powered golf carts.


The world’s most popular golf cart model, the RXVs, are available for hire. EZGOs, Yamahas and Club cars are also available. 


There are a wide range of golf carts to choose from. Whenever you are in South Carolina’s North Myrtle Beach and you need a good golf cart for hire, just get in touch with Ace Golf Cart. The telephone number is 843 427 4853.


Get in touch with the company to find out how they can help you.


4. Affordable Golf-Cart Rentals


Affordable Golf-Cart Rentals has been providing golf carts for hire to visitors in South Carolina’s North Myrtle Beach for several years. 


All the carts in the company’s fleet are in excellent condition. The company appreciates the fact that clients always have varying tastes and preferences. For this reason, it has a wide range of golf cart options for clients to choose from.


You can choose to rent a cart for an hour, 24 hours, 7 days or even 30 days, depending on how much you wish to enjoy yourself. 


Since delivery and pick up of the golf carts is absolutely free, you won’t be asked to fork out any extra money. 


You can visit the company on any day of the week. It’s located on 504 Main St., North Myrtle Beach. Their website is up and running. Alternatively, you can place an order via telephone call. Their number is 843 385 2547.