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North Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Rentals

Ready to hit the sand and the surf in North Myrtle Beach? For the quickest boardwalk access and the best Atlantic Ocean views, you’ll want an oceanfront vacation rental. Narrowing down the incredible options, immaculate amenities, and the Myrtle Beach area for you can be tough. Don’t worry though, we’re here to show you all the best North Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos for you and your family.

North Myrtle Beach is the upper tip of the 60 mile long Myrtle Beach strand and is easily accessible by car or plane. An international airport is only 15 miles from your oceanfront condo.

The Grand Strand is home to some great condominiums and hotels, all varying based on your desires in the perfect beachfront rental.

All of our rentals are either on Windy Hill, Crescent Beach, Ocean Drive, or Cherry Grove. While all of these areas offer great places to spend your family vacation, each is home to a different resort or condo and different amenities.

Each of our North Myrtle Beach condos is run with our guests at the forefront. Check-in and check-out is easy, all properties are equipped with fresh linens, free WiFi and washer and dryer access. Many of the resorts have other fantastic amenities like lazy rivers, swimming pools (outdoor and indoor pools), hot tubs, and undisrupted views of the Atlantic ocean from private balconies. Choose between 1-4 bedroom condos, based on the amount of people in your party.

Of course the South is famous for its hospitality, and Grand Strands Resorts staff will help you discover and enjoy any and all that North Myrtle Beach has to offer. We have been operating condos and resorts here since 1987, and since we live here, we can help you plan your vacation beyond just finding the right condo to stay in. Whether you need help choosing a restaurant, a golf course, a day trip, or a family adventure, allow us to save you time and help you identify the places and events you want to experience while you are here as our guest.

First, narrow down which of the 4 main areas of town you’d like to find your North Myrtle Beach vacation rental.

Windy Hill

Starting at the southernmost end of North Myrtle Beach is Windy Hill. The biggest perk of staying in this area is the easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and the intercoastal waterways. If you’d like to spend time not only on the beach but also boating or fishing, a Windy Hill condo could be perfect for you.

Crescent Beach

Just north of Windy Beach, is Crescent Beach. Crescent Beach is known for it’s vast stretch of beach and well-protected sand dunes. As this area is closer to the center of town, it’s a great area to stay if you’d like to be within walking distance to great shopping and restaurants, as well as right on the beach.

Ocean Drive Beach

Ocean Drive Beach, or simply Ocean Drive, is really the heart of this South Carolina beach town. In this part of town, Main Street dead ends into a horseshoe shape. The “Horseshoe” is a lively part of town where you can find great bars, restaurants, shopping, and sometimes live entertainment. For a lively vacation atmosphere, I’d suggest you book a room at one of Ocean Drive Beach’s top condos.

Cherry Grove Beach

Cherry Grove sits at the northernmost part of North Myrtle Beach and is a consistent favorite among vacationers. This area is perfect for those seeking relaxation on their beach vacation. In Cherry Grove, the beach homes and oceanfront condos sit among peaceful marsh lands and vast stretches of flat beach. It’s also home to the iconic Cherry Grove Fishing Pier, which boasts some of the best fishing in the area. If you’d like to cast a line during your holiday, you’ll love staying on Cherry Grove Beach.

Now that you know which part of town you’re interested in, browse through our top-rated condo rentals to book your dream getaway.

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