Haunted Places To Visit In North Myrtle Beach

Home of several Ripley’s Believe it Or Nots, North Myrtle and Myrtle Beach are known for being a spooky tourist town. But just how spooky is it? For those who love chasing a thrill, or maybe even a ghost, you have come to the right place. There are many historic stories of haunted restaurants, homes, graveyards, and much more in the North Myrtle Beach area. Whether you are here during the spooky season of October where you can find many corn mazes and chainsaw thrilling haunted trails, or here in the middle of summer, there are a ton of places to visit for a nice scare. Here are a few of our favorite places and stories. 

Alice’s Grave, Pawleys Island

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While there are many tales about ghosts in Myrtle Beach, Alice Flagg has been one of the most popular since the early 1800s. Long ago, Alice fell in love with a boy that just wasn’t “ good enough” for Alice according to her brother. The boy proposed and gave Alice an engagement ring. However, Alice fell ill and never got to be with her lover. Her brother stole the ring that she wore around her necklace and threw it off into the marsh. Today, it has been said that you can see Alice sometimes walking around the cemetery at the All Saints Episcopal Church Cemetery, looking for her ring. The legend says Alice roams around in a white dress searching for her ring. To summon Alice, the legend says to walk around her grave backward 13 times while saying her name out loud twice. Some visitors even admit after doing this they felt a slight tug on their wedding ring.

Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro Little River

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While the Brentwood Restaurant has undergone a ton of renovations and has even become a popular wedding venue, it is still considered one of the most haunted restaurants in South Carolina. You can even participate in a special Ghost Dinner and tour here. The home formerly belonged to Aunt Mary, Grandma Mary’s, and Papa Dees was bought by a few brothers from Brentwood Long Island. Employees and guests have noticed several strange occurrences like objects moving on their own, including glasses smashing on the floor, unexplained noises, and even ghostly apparitions sighted in the windows upstairs. While it is unsure why the restaurant is haunted… that’s what makes it all the more interesting. 

Lucas Bay Light, Conway

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Located in the swamp off Gilbert Road in Conway sits the local legend Lucas Bay Light. Dating back to the Civil War Era, this represents a mother searching desperately for her lost child who disappeared during a flash flood. While there is no direct evidence to back up this popular tale, an elaborate story like this isn’t just made up and spread around for no reason. Once you reach the part of the road that turns to dirt, know that you are close. Many have said they see floating or wandering lights that is the mother searching for her child. Of course, make sure to go at night for all the spooky vibes.

The Gray Man, Pawleys Island

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Many of the ghost stories are spooky, sad, or scary, while the Gray-man is quite the opposite. The Gray Man cannot be seen on a regular basis, as he is known for being seen only when a bad storm or hurricane is approaching. Many say it is a warning sign to take cover or even leave the area. The Gray Mandates back to 1822 and his most recent sighting happened just before Hurricane Florence hit the Grand Strand in 2018. So if you are walking the beach before a storm and think you see a Gray Shadow, it is probably best you take cover.

Old Gunn Church, Georgetown

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Dating all the way back to 1729, this is one of South Carolina’s third oldest cities. Old Gunn Church or Prince Frederick’s Chapel has supposedly generated a lot of paranormal activity over the years. The legend states that Mr. Gunn, the Gothic Revival-style church contractor, died after falling off of the steep of the roof. It is told that his restless spirit haunts the church to this day. Some have reported hearing screams as well as music from a phantom church choir. Some have even spotted strange lighting coming from the church’s tower. The church is so popular that it is even listed in the National Register for Historic Places and is cordoned off by a barbed-wire fence. 

The Bowery, Myrtle Beach

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Not only is the Bowery an Icon for the band Alabama, seeing as they got their start here, it is also known for its friendly Barman Joe ghost. Joe was a frequent visitor at the Bowery and one night he died suddenly while sitting at his barstool, however, he temporarily came back to life only to finish his beer and pass away again. To this day, patrons at the bar are convinced that they continue to hear Barman Joe singing near the bar. So if you check out the Bowery, make sure you aren’t in Barman Joe’s seat. You might leave with him singing to you.

Whether you are looking for real ghost stories and experiences, or just in for a good spook, North Myrtle Beach has a bit of everything. If you are interested in taking part in the Halloween festivities, check out a few haunted houses, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, or Terror Under the Bridge. We hope to see you soon in North Myrtle Beach.

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