How to Have a Debt-Free Beach Vacation

If you’re on a tight budget, planning a debt-free beach vacation might seem like something you can’t manage. Studies have shown that taking a break from work and the stress of everyday life is good for both physical and mental well-being.

Myrtle Beach condo rentalVacations are rejuvenating for everyone. They also promote and strengthen family bonds. With a little planning, you can enjoy a vacation while staying in your budget. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

1. Start saving now.
You don’t have to know where or when you’re going in order to start saving the money to get you there. Plan it into the budget and put money away from every paycheck. More is better but anything is better than nothing.

2. Pick your destination.
Don’t rush to zero in on an exact location. In fact, flexibility can be a money-saving friend. Determine the type of vacation your family has in mind — tropical, historic, beach — and make a list of potential vacation spots.

3. Go during the off-season.
You can save a bundle by traveling when tourist traffic is at its lowest because hotels, restaurants and stores are more eager for your business. Off-season beach rates for a Myrtle Beach condo rental usually kick in October 1.

4. Watch for deals.
Just about every Myrtle Beach condo rental has a special deal offered at one time or another.

5. Save money on meals.
If you’re traveling by car, bring a cooler stocked with grab-and-go foods for your meals. If you’re renting a condo you’ll have your own kitchen to prepare your family’s meals at far less cost than dining out.

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