North Myrtle Beach Dog Rules & Vacation Tips

Rules You Need To Follow When Vacationing With Your Pet In North Myrtle Beach

When you plan your visit to North Myrtle Beach, you’ll probably be thinking of taking your entire family with you. We know that means you probably want to take your dog with you on your trip as well! The good news is that dogs are welcome in the greater North Myrtle Beach area, but there are some rules you’ll need to be aware of to make sure you’re following the letter of the law. 

Be it a short visit with your friends to relax, or for a romantic trip with your loved ones, traveling to North Myrtle Beach is always a good experience when you have your pets with you!

North Myrtle Beach Dog Rules & Vacation Tips
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Vacationing With Your Pet

While traveling with groups of people may be a good experience, there is nothing quite like taking your pet on vacation along with you. Just as you would love to visit new places and see new things, so would your dog, especially if they love adventure. Because of the diverse landscapes around North Myrtle Beach, taking your dog along with you on your vacation can be a fun experience. The local dog parks and beautiful beaches are sure to appeal to your dog, especially if they like to play around. Moreover, there are plenty of pet-friendly facilities around the area that tend to offer a good time to both the pet and their owners.

Because of how popular North Myrtle Beach is, one of the more frequently asked questions that pet owners tend to have is the rules and regulations they would have to follow if they were to take their dogs to the beach.

North Myrtle Beach Dog Regulations

One of the only major rules that pet owners have to adhere to is the allowed times for dogs to be on the beach itself. There are specific times during which pet owners are not allowed to bring their dogs to the beach, and this is mainly between 9 am to 5 pm during the busy season. Before and after these times, pet owners are allowed to bring their pets to the beach, provided that the proper etiquette is followed. 

After the busy season is over (September 16th & later), the times are more open to allow for your dog to walk on the beach.

The Full Rules: 

  • May 15-September 15: No dogs allowed on the beach 9am-5pm. Surf only in designated areas 9am-4pm.
  • Leash law is in effect at all times; maximum leash length is 7 feet. Pet owners must pick up and properly dispose of pet waste.

The reason why pet owners should pay attention to these is that these rules prevalent at North Myrtle Beach function as state laws, which means that there may be certain repercussions that one may have to encounter if these are not followed.

It is important to note that there are certain parts of North Myrtle Beach that restrict entry for pets. Even though these are small stretches of the beach, trespassing onto them can result in disciplinary action being taken.

To make up for the restricted spaces, North Myrtle Beach does offer pet owners a good alternative. The North Myrtle Beach Park And Sports Complex have a special dog play area that has been specially designed for dogs. This is a good space to go to if you want your dog to have a good time.

Additional Provisions

Though not stated in the general law guidelines of North Myrtle Beach, there are a few additional things that pet owners may need to account for when visiting North Myrtle Beach. These are as follows:

Clean Up After Your Dog

The North Myrtle Beach Dog Rules state that all pet owners must clean up after their pets, or they would be charged a fine for the violation. Not cleaning up after your dog is considered littering on the beach, which may warrant a fine of up to $1000.

Adhere To Leash Laws

While you may want to let your dog run free on the beach, there are certain leash laws that one must adhere to. As of January, 2020 The city of North Myrtle Beach has enacted a year-round leash law in effect throughout the city, including the beach. The maximum leash length allowed is 7 feet.

Keep An Eye On Your Dog

Because the beach may be a foreign surrounding, one thing that pet owners should do is keep a close eye on their pets. Dogs who are not comfortable being on the beach may start to act out, causing a disturbance for others around you. Keep a close eye on your pet to make sure they are having as good a time as you while out on vacation!

Make Them Wear An ID Tag

A pet owners worst nightmare is having their pet go missing, especially in a place that they are not familiar with. It is always advised to make your dog wear a dog collar with their information on it in case this ever happens. Microchipping is another precaution that pet owners can take when trying to ensure their dog’s safety. This is an electronic identification system that is implanted on a dog and has all the information that someone would need to get them back home safely.

Appropriate Dog Age

While you may want to show your pet the big beautiful world, they might not always be ready for it. The ideal age at which you can safely take your dog out to the beach is after they have completed a few months. Dogs that are too young may often end up getting scared of the sheer number of people around them or in the presence of other dogs. Only take your dog to the beach if they are comfortable being around a lot of people, and other dogs as well.

Pet Vaccinations

If you are planning to take your dog to North Myrtle Beach, make sure that they have been given all their timely vaccinations. Dogs who haven’t got their shots are often more susceptible to diseases that they can contract from the outdoors, and can sometimes pose a threat to others around them as well. It is also essential that you carry your veterinarian’s documents about your pet in case you are asked for them when taking your pet to a public space.