North Myrtle Beach Flights & Air Travel Information

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Situated along the north end of the famous Grand Strand, North Myrtle Beach is the crown jewel of the South Carolina coast. Known for offering a slower pace of life while maintaining a diverse array of world-class dining, entertainment, and golf, it’s not hard to figure out why millions call this stretch of beach an annual tradition.

If you’re planning a trip to North Myrtle Beach, rest assured that there’s plenty of easy ways to make the logistics happen. The trip is an easy drive for nearby destinations, though flying might be a better option for our northeastern and Midwest guests.

If you’re looking for info on flights into North Myrtle Beach, you’ve come to the right place. Peruse our comprehensive travel guide below and visit our official blog for more travel tips and inspiration!

Myrtle Beach International Airport

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Guests looking for an easy trip to the beach will be pleased to learn that Myrtle Beach offers its very own international airport. It’s never been easier to search for and book Myrtle Beach flights!

The airport is home to nine major carriers, including Delta, American Airlines, United and budget-friendly airlines like Spirit Airlines and Allegiant.

Currently, Myrtle Beach offers 50 direct flight destinations. Some of the top direct flights include major hub markets like Atlanta, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Detroit, and Pittsburgh, in addition to smaller, regional areas like Lexington, Cincinnati, Columbus, Huntington, Atlantic City, Orlando, and Syracuse—to name a few.

Check out all of Myrtle Beach’s non-stop flight markets here

Even if you can’t snag a direct flight to Myrtle Beach, it’s easy to catch a connecting flight in the nearby hubs at Charlotte and Atlanta.

Given North Myrtle Beach’s seasonal popularity, flight schedules do vary seasonally, so be sure to check flights well in advance and plan your trip accordingly.

Airports Near North Myrtle Beach

If you can’t snag a direct flight into North Myrtle Beach, try flying direct or catching a connection at one of these nearby airports.

Florence Regional Airport | 77 Miles, 1.25 Hours
Wilmington International Airport | 60 Miles, 1+ Hours
Charleston International Airport | 125 Miles, 2.25 Hours
Columbia Metropolitan Airport | 175 Miles, 2.75+ Hours
Charlotte Douglas International Airport | 200 Miles, 3.25 Hours
Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport | 270 Miles, 4 Hours
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport | 380 Miles, 5.5 Hours

Each of these regional airports offers on-site car rentals in case you prefer to finish the second half of your journey via vehicle. Don’t forget to check out our North Myrtle Beach driving guide for more info and travel tips. 

Tips for Flying Into North Myrtle Beach

As noted above, the closest airport to North Myrtle Beach is located just 30 minutes south in Myrtle Beach proper. Rest assured that the drive to North Myrtle is a straight shot along Highway 17 and makes an easy trip with a rental car or rideshare/taxi service. The trip in the off-season could be as short as 15-20 minutes, though summer traffic could extend your total trip to 30-40 minutes depending on traffic. Either way, you’ll be at your vacation rental and ready to hit the beach in less than an hour!

To make your trip easier, here are a few tips for flying into North Myrtle Beach:

 •  There are car rental services readily available at the airport. See a full list of car rental agencies here.

 •  There is also a designated rideshare pick up spot at the airport with no additional taxes or surcharges for using a third-party (Uber, Lyft, etc.). The rideshare pick-up area is in the commercial lane located directly across from Door 5 in front of the terminal. Similarly, you can use a ride share for a ride to the airport and get out in the drop-off lane in front of Door 5. More details on ride share and transportation options here.

•  Make your life easier at the TSA checkpoint with slip on shoes, size-appropriate liquids, and easy-to-access documents. Do your research in advance on the right travel sizes for various items and make sure you don’t pack anything that you can’t take with you! Also, wearing slip on shoes and having the required documents (a valid ID and your boarding pass) will make the check point a breeze. For an even speedier TSA experience, consider TSA pre-check.

•  Many flights vary throughout the year and are only offered seasonally. Check flight schedules and travel dates in advance to make sure you can snag a seat.

•  It’s easy to find cheap flights during the shoulder season. The spring and the fall are great travel seasons as flights begin to offer more regular schedules but it’s not peak beach season. It’s not uncommon to snag roundtrip airfare for under $100! Budget airlines like Spirit also offer the cheapest flights seasonally, so check out their schedule if you have flexible dates.

Best Time to Fly to North Myrtle Beach

“When is the best time to Fly to Myrtle Beach” is one of the most popular questions we receive—and the answer really does vary!

As a summer destination, there are more flight options during the summer. Many carriers offer direct flights seasonally in the summer, and it’s not hard to find select flights for under $100 / person. Atlanta and Charlotte are also popular connecting hubs with short flight times at right about an hour. If you have a flexible travel schedule, summer is definitely your best bet for snagging a great direct flight.

If you have set dates, spring and fall are the best times to get a cheap flight. There are still several carriers that offer direct flights during the shoulder season and you can still find great rates around $100 – $200 per passenger. And it’s still not unheard of to find even better deals through the budget carriers.

Though hotel rates are very affordable in the winter, flights tend to be more limited and therefore a bit more expensive in the off-season. This might be a fair trade-off since you’ll be saving so much more on accommodations. However, it might not be worth the added expense. If you or your loved ones prefer to stay on the ground, consider traveling by train. The nearest train station is less than an hour away from the beach and offers a unique experience and spectacular views.

The best time to fly to North Myrtle Beach really depends on your personal preferences and whether or not you have flexible travel dates.

Tip: Use travel tools to monitor flight prices and get alerts when prices drop. 

Finding Your Home in North Myrtle Beach

Once you’ve squared away your flight details, check out our beautiful selection of North Myrtle Beach vacation rentals.

We offer one, two, three, and four bedroom condos and select stand-alone beach homes spanning from Barefoot Landing to Cherry Grove. Our diverse selection is unique in that it allows visitors to easily search and select an exact unit that meets individual needs.

Seeking a small condo for a weekend golf getaway? We’ve got it. Need a spacious oceanfront unit loaded with amenities for a week-long family vacation? We’ve got that too.

Your search is just a click away—find your perfect home away from home in North Myrtle Beach