Hiking Trails in North Myrtle Beach To Take A Beach Break

When vacationing in a spot like North Myrtle Beach, some people might be content to spend all of their time laying out on the beach, cruising through the water, or taking a stroll down the boardwalk. Others might like a little bit more of a sense of adventure.

If that is the case, then take a look at these North Myrtle Beach hiking trails and other areas.

Heritage Shores Nature Preserve

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Located in between Ocean Boulevard and 53rd Avenue away from the ocean, Heritage Shores Nature Preserve is known to be one of the most unique areas in all of the city. The preserve was created in 2007 with seven acres of different walking paths.

The main pathway is situated to extend into the Cherry Grove Marsh, so it is almost like a two for one deal of adventure. Since its created eleven years ago, this natural area has remained in its native state. The area is accessible via a set of completed boardwalks and observatory docks.

There are signs hanging all throughout the park that describe in detail the fishes, birds, plants, and other animals that tourists will find on their walk. Amenities in the park include forty stations set up throughout the park, natural walking paths so tourists do not lose their way, two picnic and shade shelter areas, and a stationary boat dock that grants tourists access to the creek.

McLean Park

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Located two blocks west off of Ocean Boulevard between 1st and 3rd Avenues, is known to locals and tourists alike as the most beautiful area in all of the community. The park is a total of ten acres with a two-acre lake set in the middle. This park is home to many special events that the Parks and Recreation Department of Myrtle Beach hosts. There are many different activities that families and vacationers can participate in while visiting McLean Park, such as playing on the playgrounds, smacking a ball on the tennis courts, meditating in the relaxing gardens, lazing in the gazebos, throwing a baseball, paved walking/hiking trails throughout the park, and shelters housing up to 35 people. There is perimeter parking with additional spaces located all along with the outer skirts of the park.

North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex

For all sports lovers and people who simply just want to exercise and have a good time, taking a trip to the sports complex in northern Myrtle Beach is always a good idea. Located near Little River, South Carolina, this arena offers a little something for everybody. Amenities at this park include a ten-acre meadow to do whatever you please, six baseball and softball fields, eight batting cages, eight soccer fields, an amphitheater, three miles of hiking trails, dog parks, three playgrounds, six picnic shelters, and a nature preserve.

Russell Burgess Coastal Preserve

Located along a creek near northern 36th Avenue, this area is named for a former city councilman who devoted his time in office to preserving and maintaining the Cherry Grove Marsh. This preserve offers tourists and locals a scenic overlook view of the marsh and was created all the way back in 2004. The coastal preserve provides people with a means of paved parking for their vehicles and foot access to the inlets. A boardwalk was added in 2009 to maintain the habitual areas of the preserve. In the preserve, people will find a marsh boardwalk, native flora and fauna, ample parking for vehicles, and a beach only two short blocks away. Please note that crabbing and fishing are certainly not allowed on the pier structure, but is permitted from ground levels.

Horry County Bike and Run Park

Located in Conway (a 20-minute drive from North Myrtle Beach) this park offers ample opportunity for people to either get their exercise by hiking or biking. The park can be found in the Carolina Forest off of River Oaks Drive. There are a little over seven miles of trails for people to cover.

This park is part of the East Coast Greenway system, which is a trail system that is still in development for linking cities along the east coast from Maine to Florida. This was the first park to become a part of this great system in all of South Carolina. Since the beginning of 2018, the park has undergone some changes to enhance tourist experiences, such as installing a parking area and establishing a picnic shelter and bike repair stand.

Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge

Photo Credit: Myrtle Beach TheDigitel via Flickr CC2.0

Don’t let the idea of a wildlife refuge scare you off. This is a perfect spot to take in some different scenery and explore something new. Not only are there hiking trails inside the refuge, but tourists will also find diverse habitats, such as pine forests, wet marshes, and tidal pools. There are also unique animals that you don’t see on every trail, such as reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.

Vereen Memorial Historical Gardens

Located in Little River (borders North Myrtle Beach), these historic gardens offer visitors numerous hiking trails and different boardwalks to explore. People will also find marshlands, birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians as they go adventuring through these lands.

What is super convenient about many of these parks and locations is that they all lead to, are connected to, or are not far away from the beautiful North Myrtle Beach area. After taking a long trek through one of these spots, it is always a good idea to relax a little bit and layout in the sun! There is something for everybody to enjoy when vacationing in South Carolina and hopefully you find enjoyment in one of the many north Myrtle Beach hiking trails.