Movie Theaters Near North Myrtle Beach To Enjoy

If you are someone coming to North Myrtle Beach for a vacation, or someone looking to go on a day out, there are plenty of places to enjoy the movies in nearby Myrtle Beach. 

Going to a movie is one of the activities that people can do when trying to look for something fun to do on a day you’re not enjoying the beach or if it’s a bit rainy. North Myrtle Beach has a number of brilliant movie theaters around the area that are always screening the latest films. Here is a list of some of the best movie theaters around North Myrtle Beach.

AMC Classic

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If you are looking for a luxury movie experience, the AMC Classic is the theater that you will want to visit. The theater is considered to be the top of its class regarding what it delivers. Patrons here get access to a wide range of benefits while watching a movie, giving them the very best viewing experience. The theater is known for showcasing well known and independent films, thereby giving their viewers a wide range of movies to choose from.

The AMC Classic is also known for having a wide range of dining options for those who are also looking to have a good meal while they are watching a movie. Moviegoers can also opt to go in for the premium packages wherein they get access to a wider range of seating options, food menus and a whole lot more.

Stone Theatres

Stone Theatres is known for being one of the prominent movie theaters in Myrtle Beach and offers a number of good deals for those who are looking to enjoy a good movie. The theater is known for having reasonably good quality sound and video, making this great for those who don’t want to skip out on quality while watching a movie. Stone Theatres have a number of screens on which they showcase the very best movies and independent films.

The theater is also known for offering a fair amount of deals and discounts, which is why this is the ideal place to watch a movie if you are on a budget. Overall, this is a great location for those who want to catch the latest films in the Myrtle Beach area. Patrons of this theater have a range of food and drink options to choose from, improving the overall movie experience.


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Cinemark is one movie theater that has gained a lot of popularity because of the excellence that this place offers. The most prominent reason why this theater has grown to be a city favorite is that of the comfortable viewing experience that they provide. The recliners at this establishment are some of the most comfortable in the city, and when coupled with the picture quality, one can get a stellar viewing experience. The theater is also known for offering a much more personalized experience, and this is showcased in the individual cluster seating options available there. The rows of the theater have walls in between them to ensure that every patron has the best possible experience that is uninterrupted by the people around them. In total, this proves to be one theater where you are surely going to have a good time watching the latest Hollywood and independent films.

Carmike Colonial 12

Carmike Colonial is one theater chain that has gained popularity all over the country, which is why there is no doubt that this would also be one of the more prominent places to catch a movie when in North Myrtle Beach. Even though the theater is not the biggest and fanciest one around, it does offer some great deals for those who want to catch all their latest films while being on a budget. The theater boasts of comfortable seats and high-grade screens and offers an overall good experience when it comes to this.

Finding Tickets For Area Movie Theaters

Now that you are familiar with the various movie theater options you have when visiting North Myrtle Beach, the next thing you are probably wondering about is your plan to watch a movie in one of these. Today, booking tickets for a movie have become easier than ever before, and you the ample information out there can help you immensely when trying to find a good film to watch.

Here are some tips that can help you figure out your plan of action and spend a nice day out in North Myrtle Beach:

Book Online

Movie Theaters Near North Myrtle Beach To Enjoy
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Because of how popular these theaters are, seats fill up a lot faster than what one would imagine. If you want to go for a movie, particularly one that is just releasing, booking online is one of the best ways to avoid being disappointed. By doing this, you have a chance of getting the kind of tickets that you would want, without having to bother about standing in long queues hoping for a few seats to be left for you.

Check Out The Websites Of The Theater

Movie Theaters Near North Myrtle Beach To Enjoy
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If you are coming to North Myrtle Beach for a vacation, in particular, check out the website of the theater you are planning to visit a good idea. This is so that you can get an idea about the shows that are running and the ticket prices as well. It can also give you a glimpse of what the theater interiors look like. Sometimes, theaters tend to have special deals which are only mentioned on their main page, and finding these is a great way to save a small amount while getting the tickets for the movie that you want to watch.

North Myrtle Beach is one of the best places to visit for a nice vacation, and these movie theaters can offer you one additional activity that you can partake in during this time.

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