The North Myrtle Beach Piers You Need to Visit

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a great place to visit for a beach vacation on the East Coast. And, there are a lot of great piers in the city and nearby areas that you should visit.

From North Myrtle Beach’s Cherry Grove Fishing Pier to Apache Pier, which is the longest wooden pier on the East Coast, there are plenty of piers to explore and unique things to do on each one.

On the piers, you can fish, enjoy restaurants overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and shop for the essential South Carolina souvenirs.

This article has all the best piers in North Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area you need to visit!

Cherry Grove Fishing Pier

Photo Credit: PQK

Address: 3500 N Ocean Blvd, North Myrtle Beach

The first pier in North Myrtle Beach is the Cherry Grove Pier. The pier opened in the 1950s but has been restored and rebuilt many times because of hurricane damage.

At the pier in 1963, Walter Maxwell caught the world record’s largest tiger shark, which weighed 1780 pounds. It is still the record for the largest tiger shark, and it is the only world record all-tackle fish caught in South Carolina.

The most popular activity on the pier is fishing. Anyone is allowed to fish on the pier with the admission price. And there is a full gift and tackle shop with everything you need, including multiple baits and tackle options, fishing gear rentals, and items for purchase, souvenirs, and drinks.

Make sure to check out the two-story observation deck on the pier, which has some great views of the ocean and the beaches.

Apache Pier

Photo Credit: Raymond B. Summers

Address: Apache Pier, Myrtle Beach

Next is Apache Pier, which is actually in Myrtle Beach, just five miles south of North Myrtle Beach. It is the longest wooden pier on the East Coast.

The pier is open year-round, and you can enjoy the bait and tackle shop, an arcade, and the bar and restaurant. Croakers is the restaurant and bar on the pier. They serve shrimp, sandwiches, burgers, and salads.

The pier is a great place for fishing, as they offer a fishing pass for daily, multi-day, or annual use. You can bring your own fishing rods, or they have rod rental packages that include bait, a rod, and a daily fishing pass.

There is also live entertainment every night at the pier in the summer.

Pier 14

Photo Credit: Felix Mizioznikov

Address: 1306 N Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach

Further south from Apache Pier is Pier 14, which is 11 miles from North Myrtle Beach. The pier is shorter than the others as it was damaged by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. The entire portion of the pier over the ocean was completely destroyed, and so was some of the land-side part of the boardwalk.

Today, the main portion of the pier is the restaurant, lounge, and bar serving lunch and dinner. The restaurant is one of the best oceanfront restaurants in the area, with great views of the Atlantic Ocean.

There is also a gift shop off the pier, and you can fish off the pier. The shop has everything you need for fishing including

2nd Avenue Pier

Photo Credit: Trisha McQuade

Address: 110 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach

A little south of Pier 14 and 13 miles south of North Myrtle Beach is the 2nd Avenue Pier. The pier is on the Grand Strand, and it stretches 906 feet long.

Similar to the other piers, the 2nd Avenue pier is popular for fishing. You can get bait, rod rentals, and fishing passes on the pier.

Even if you aren’t fishing, you can still walk the pier for a small fee. There is a restaurant on the pier, The Wicked Tuna, which specializes in seafood and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Springmaid Pier

Photo Credit: Tracie Crane

Address: 3200 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach

Another pier in the Myrtle Beach area is the Springmaid Pier, which is 16 miles south of North Myrtle Beach. The pier is 1060 feet long, and it is open to the public despite being part of the Springmaid Beach Resort.

Springmaid Pier is another popular fishing pier, where some of the most common catches include bass, flounder, trout, and Spanish mackerel. The state record for multiple types of fish, including the Spanish mackerel were caught on the pier.

Even if you aren’t a fisherman, you can enjoy walking the pier, or you can bring a picnic and have a meal at one of the picnic tables. There is also a restaurant and bar, the BARnacles Bar & Grille, which serves burgers, hotdogs, and ice cream.

And, if you forget anything important, stop at Fishtales General Store for snacks, drinks, sunscreen and more.

Unfortunately, Springmaid Pier was damaged during Hurricane Matthew but it has since been restored.

Myrtle Beach State Park Pier

Photo Credit: adrummergirl1 via Instagram

Address: State Pier, Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach State Park Pier is part of Myrtle Beach State Park, which is a relaxing place to escape the busy beach crowds. There is plenty to explore in the oceanfront forest, including the pier.

The pier is a great place for saltwater fishing. Even if you aren’t fishing, go to the pier to spot wildlife.

After spending time on the pier, you can have a picnic in the park or hang at the beach.

Surfside Beach Pier

Photo Credit: travishuffstetlerphotography via Instagram

Address: 11 Ocean Blvd S, Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach Pier was built in 1953, and has been rebuilt three times due to hurricane damage. It is 23 miles south of North Myrtle Beach.

Unfortunately the pier was partially destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and lost over half of its length. The pier should reopen to walkers in late 2022, and be fully functional in the Spring of 2023.

Despite the pier still being partially damaged, you can enjoy the functioning half of the pier where there are restaurants and shops.

And, once the pier reopens, you can go here to fish. The Pier Outfitters shop has rods, tackle, reels, and bait. And, their staff can teach you how to fish or answer any questions you may have.

The Pier at Garden City

Photo Credit: James Pillion

Address: 110 S Waccamaw Dr, Murrells Inlet

The final pier is in Murrells Inlet, which is south of Myrtle Beach and 25 miles south of North Myrtle Beach. The pier is well worth the drive thanks to its entertainment options.

There are two stages at the pier with live music, or you can do karaoke. There is also an arcade for kids and adults alike. When you need a rest, there are also two full service bars that are open to all ages during the day and adults only at night.

And, many of their piers require a small fee to walk along it, but the Pier at Garden City is free to walk.

If you are fishing on the pier, you do need to buy a daily, weekly, or seasonal pass which acts as your fishing license on the pier. And, if you do not have your own gear, you can rent a rod from the tackle shop, where you can also get bait, tackle, drinks, snacks, coolers, and buckets.