North Myrtle Beach vs Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a destination that’s familiar to many, but what you may not know is that North Myrtle Beach is an entire destination of its own, separate from its neighboring namesake.

Which is right for your visit?

Breaking Down North Myrtle Beach vs Myrtle Beach: Pros Of Each

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Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach are two of the notable towns that make up the “Grand Strand” – a more than 60 mile stretch of inspiring oceanfront from Little River to Georgetown, South Carolina. Other than a mere ten miles, what sets these locations apart, and how can we be so sure that North Myrtle Beach is the ideal choice for your next getaway?

The Myrtle Beach area is home to a host of attractions, eateries, shops, and events, but North Myrtle Beach has all of this and more. World-famous golf courses and just the right combination of traditional charm and contemporary class are our claim to fame. Did we mention the spectacular landscapes that are sure to be the picture-perfect backdrop to the vacation of your dreams?

Comparing Top Rated Things To Do In Both Areas

Entertainment options in North Myrtle Beach lean more to the unique appeal of laid-back, but sophisticated Carolina nature and culture. Situated on the Intracoastal Waterway, Barefoot Landing plays host to many of the area’s top attractions, providing just enough separation from the sand to keep the serenity of the beach in tact, while still offering a host of choices for memorable family fun. Barefoot Landing is the home of many famous attractions and restaurants, such as Lulu’s, Alligator Adventure, and even the House Of Blues is located right beside Barefoot. On the south end of NMB you can find the most thrilling shows at Pirates voyage or the Alabama Theatre  Relax beachside where the ocean and marsh meet in Cherry Grove. While the north end of Myrtle Beach gets little recognition, this beachfront oasis sure makes a splash on its visitors.

On the flipside, the most popular venues in Myrtle Beach are largely centered around the beach Boardwalk and Broadway at the Beach as well as the attached mini amusement park complexes (making for a louder, more intrusive beach environment). Myrtle Beach certainly doesn’t lack night life, from Broadway, to the inlet in Murrells Inlet, or even ocean blvd to see Ripleys Believe It Or Not or the Skywheel.. However, North Myrtle Beach contains similar places, but they are in much closer proximity than in Myrtle Beach.

Great Dining In North Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach has a long list of world-renowned restaurants serving up a variety of cuisines, but if you want to savor the genuine taste of a home-cooked southern meal, there’s nothing like the culinary flavors of North Myrtle Beach, and the offerings of “restaurant row”. For the discernible foodie in all of us, commercialized menus just don’t satisfy! From “restaurant row” to all of the dining options in Barefoot, you will not go without your favorite meal, and if you get a late night craving for a snack, The Taco Shack on Main Street is unforgettable.

Don’t let our lack of skyscrapers fool you! North Myrtle Beach boasts enviable clear skylines with an obvious lack of obstruction that tends to come with modern development, but that doesn’t mean we’re outdated! North Myrtle Beach resorts offer state-of-the-art amenities within walking distance, upscale decor, and expansive layouts. Myrtle Beach’s city vibe is fine for some folks, but we prefer to progress with a little preservation.

Why You Should Pick The Best Beach: North Myrtle Beach

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The key to a great beach vacation is finding the perfect beach. No squabbling there! You can’t go wrong with any Grand Strand locale in terms of beach appeal. So, why do we claim favor to North Myrtle Beach? While you won’t notice a significant difference in the fine powder sands or the deep blue waters of these neighboring Atlantic Coast towns, what you will discover is a difference in attitude.

The aggravation of squeezing your way to stake a claim on a cramped spot on Myrtle Beach transitions to a calmer, more open territory to spread out and truly unwind in North Myrtle Beach! The whole family will appreciate the freedom of having more room to roam, and you’ll appreciate the serenity of it all without the worry of crowds and chaos. Changes in latitudes…, as a wise man once said! This is beach vacationing as it was meant to be.

Ten miles separation in geography can be a world apart in reality. The beach simply doesn’t lend itself to hustle and bustle.

If the purpose of your getaway is to get away, nothing suits you better than North Myrtle Beach. Find out how to save on your next visit when you book your stay with us.

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