The Best Beach Access Points in North Myrtle Beach

The city of North Myrtle Beach contains 13.5 sq. miles of sprawling sand. With this much beachfront, there are plenty of beach access points. From Cherry Grove to Windy Hill, North Myrtle Beach has an extensive array of beach accesses, each with their own vibe. We have created this guide to highlight some of the best beach access points including: best public parking, attractions and most scenic in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

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Cherry Grove

Starting at the northernmost point of North Myrtle Beach rests Cherry Grove Beach. A quaint, quiet beach with plenty of public beach access areas, Cherry Grove offers two distinct views. One of the unique aspects of Cherry Grove is that it is also an inlet complete with boat launch access and a mile of marsh that connects to the Atlantic Ocean. Boaters, fishers, bird enthusiasts, and those who enjoy the natural marsh landscape can get a completely different perspective while vacationing in Cherry Grove.

In addition to the natural landscape, Cherry Grove has 3.1 miles of oceanfront. Two of our favorite points to hit the beach are the Cherry Grove Fishing Pier and the very end of Cherry Grove Beach.

Cherry Grove
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The Cherry Grove Fishing Pier is one of the most popular attractions in Cherry Grove. Located in front of the Prince Resort, the pier offers a restaurant, plenty of fishing opportunities and a scenic gazebo located at the end of the pier. One of the great aspects is the amount of parking available around the pier.

The Cherry Grove Pier offers paid parking that also includes a free pier pass but there are also free parking lots within a block of the fishing pier.

Pier and Ocean
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One of the best kept secrets in North Myrtle Beach is the very end of Cherry Grove Beach. While not having the idealist of parking areas (unless you are staying around there), the beach access at the end of the point is perfect for a romantic rendezvous. Known as the inlet point, the natural dunes and grasses creates a one-of-a-kind backdrop not found anywhere else in North Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach

Between Cherry Grove Beach and downtown North Myrtle Beach, lies a wide open public beach access point. With ample parking, an oceanfront bar, grocer, pizza and ice cream places, those choosing for a fun-filled family day at the beach can find a lot of good choices here.

Downtown North Myrtle Beach can be aptly defined by its Main Street scene. The heart of and soul of NMB, Main Street offers a collective mix of restaurants, nightlife and amusement rides. What’s more, the Main Street beach access has one of the biggest beach attractions: A giant inflatable water-slide

Downtown NMB
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Probably the most crowded location in North Myrtle Beach, Main Street’s beach access point is vast. While parking can be more difficult to find, once parked, you can truly pack a full day of events while there. First, and perhaps most importantly to the kids, is the inflatable water-slide. The “Trippo” slide is 36 feet tall and 180 feet long, this Goliath can be seen from all over North Myrtle Beach. Offering two curved side chutes and one straightaway main chute, this 7000 lb. slide, what person wouldn’t like this? The Trippo slide is open from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day. You can purchase single slide rides all the way up to season passes.

For those interested in hitting the beach without kids, Main Street offers a bevy of bars all within walking distance. Just a short walk from Main Street, Coconuts, is an oceanfront bar connected to the Maritime Resort that locals and tourists alike enjoy. Located right on Main Street, Pirate’s Cove and International Cafe are also great places to enjoy a drink and childless atmosphere.

Crescent Beach

nmb overhead
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Crescent Beach is the last beach before you hit Atlantic Beach. Atlantic Beach is a completely different incorporated city which divides two separate areas of North Myrtle Beach: Crescent Beach and Windy Hill. Crescent Beach is a lot quieter than the lively downtown North Myrtle Beach. For starters, there are virtually no restaurants or shops along this section of Ocean Drive.

One of the few exceptions in Crescent Beach is the Molly Darcy’s beach access point. Molly Darcy’s is an Irish Pub that sits right on the ocean. They share a parking area with a public beach access location so you don’t have to worry about getting towed from their lot. There is also a lot of street parking available around as well.

Windy Hill

Beaches in MB
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The southernmost beach in North Myrtle Beach is Windy Hill. Conveniently located to Barefoot Landing and other shopping centers, Windy Hill takes on a more Myrtle Beach feel. Still quieter than many beaches in Myrtle, Windy Hill, like Crescent Beach, has very little in terms of bars, restaurants located right on the beach. Guests and locals alike enjoy this facet and take solstice in the beach itself. You can find lots of unabated sun bathers in Windy Hill. If you travel inland from the beach, you can also find a small children’s park.

We hope this guide helps you find your newest favorite beach access point. While these aren’t private beaches, they’re amazing spots in North Myrtle Beach. We’ve also included an interactive map of the locations mentioned in this post. Feel free to weigh-in on your personal favorite beach spots in North Myrtle Beach as well.

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