4 Reasons To Visit The North Myrtle Beach Farmers Market

The North Myrtle Beach farmers market is a place where you can get fresh meat, vegetables, eggs, dairy fruits and art and craft. In case the organic products are offered, the vendors are required to list the ways in which their offering are organic. You will be able to get all the market products you need when you visit markets in Little River and North Myrtle Beach. The markets were opened in April 2011 and run every Friday from 10AM to 3PM. There are a lot of benefits you will enjoy when you shop in North Myrtle Beach farmers market.

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Below are some of the amazing benefits:

  1. You Will Get Local & Fresh Produce, Meats & More

Since the North Myrtle Beach Farmer’s Market is open every Friday, you are assured of getting fresh products straight from the farms. The farmers in the area will wait until Friday morning so that they can harvest their farm products and bring to the market fresh. This gives you a chance to get vegetables and fruits that can last for a longer period without getting stale. This is one of the best things that every guest wants in any Farmer’s Market! Therefore, get ready on Fridays and get all market products while fresh from these local farmers..

2. The Prices Are Competitive

Due to the high volume of vegetables and fruits each farmer sells, you will get a chance to save some money compared to organic imported fresh foods. Every seller wants to provide both residents and guests to the area with a stellar locally grown product that they’ll love. You can take time to compare the prices and choose the vendor with the best price possible. You’ll often save money compared to heading to a local grocery store and you’ll be supporting these farmers. A win-win!

3. It’s Easy To Pay

While we reccomend you bring cash with you, many vendors now accept credit cards. This means that payment process is simple and convenient for most vendors. You are not expected to carry a lot of cash when visiting this market because you just look for those buyers that allow credit card mode of payment and buy anything you want. This not only save your time but also eliminates security risks associated with carrying cash with you.

4. The Farmer’s Market Is Easy To Access

This is another amazing thing about North Myrtle Beach farmers market. The security within the market is enhanced and everyone within the premises is safe. Food safety is also checked on a regular basis. This is very important for the safety of the food items that are sold in the market. Every buyer wants to buy clean and fresh items. By buying local you’re buying fresh foods that have traveled a very minimal way in South Carolina and it’s easy to find in North Myrtle Beach.

Those are some of the benefits you enjoy when you shop at the North Myrtle Beach Farmer’s Market every Friday in season!