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The Small Hidden Park In North Myrtle Beach

Of course, after you’ve knocked the sand loose from all of those places where there should be no sand, you are looking for a place to unwind and cool off as you watch the sun go down. The kids are exhausted from the long day at the beach and all you want to do is relax in a quiet place. The good news is that we can reccomend the somewhat-hidden McLean Park in North Myrtle Beach just off Main Street.

Just two blocks west of Ocean Boulevard, there’s a beautiful dusk-lit scene. Sundown is beginning to silhouette wooden gazebos and playground equipment. A violet sky is framed by all the surrounding trees and native South Carolina foliage. The deep orange sun glimmers off of the reflective pond at McLean Park North Myrtle Beach as visitors walk their dogs, jog, feed ducks, pass frisbees. This entire sleepy, little park radiates peaceful relaxation.

There is plenty of available parking spots and the kids are ambushing the playgrounds. As the kids play, you can relax on benches or spend time walking around the pond. A concrete walking path surrounds McLean Park North Myrtle Beach, which passes by the park’s many features.

The park contains:

  • Tennis courts
  • Playground area
  • Paved walking areas and paths
  • Dog-friendly atmosphere (just keep Fido on a leash)
  • A small baseball field

There are two playground areas: the toddler park catered to age groups 2-5, as well as the 5-12-year-old playground.


During the spring and summer months, McLean Park offers movies on the lawn and screens popular movies for all to watch. It’s a very unique offering from the City Of North Myrtle Beach – no other park in the Grand Strand has movie nights!

Settle in and enjoy that McLean Park in North Myrtle Beach has to offer — just two blocks from our oceanfront condo rentals is this amazing park.

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